Lifesaving Stories


When you give blood, you help support sickle cell patients, like Angel.

Angel was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at birth. Throughout her life, Angel has received hundreds of blood transfusions.

The transfusions make her feel healthy and strong. Thanks to blood being available for Angel, she was recently able to graduate from high school, pain free and ready for the life ahead of her.

Angel's mother, Angela, has a message for all blood donors ... "Thank you for your time and dedication to helping the community, as well as my child, by making sure the blood types needed are available. I hope and pray you continue to keep giving the 'gift of life.' Thanks again."


Meet Ginny. Ginny was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida. Over the years, Ginny has taken over 110 trips to the emergency room, has been hospitalized 51 times and has had 19 surgeries, including two major brain surgeries and two spine surgeries where she lost a lot of blood. Every day is a challenge for Ginny, both physically and mentally. Yet, she knows that if she needs blood again, it will be there for her and that gives her peace of mind. Ginny thanks you for your blood donations!


LaDonna experienced severe complications during her pregnancy with daughter Shantae and required blood transfusions through the umbilical cord to save both her and Shantae's lives. Today, LaDonna is healthy and loving every moment with her beautiful children.

"By the kind hearts of donors, my baby survived after four blood transfusions."



Victoria was only five months old when she had open-heart surgery that required a blood transfusion.

"Blood donors are heroes who gave me a second chance at life."