African-American Donors

The challenge for African-American Donors

Angel (pictured right, with her mother) was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at birth. Throughout her life, Angel has received hundreds of blood transfusions.

The transfusions make her feel healthy and strong. Thanks to blood being available for Angel, she was recently able to graduate from high school, pain free and ready for the life ahead of her.

African Americans can also face other serious health challenges that can require blood transfusions, including kidney disease, complications of high blood pressure and higher birth rates of premature babies. To meet the needs of these patients, we need more African-American blood donors. We need you.

Donating Blood is the Answer

Donating blood is safe, it's simple and it saves lives. The entire process takes less than an hour and is virtually painless. Anyone who is in good health, is at least 18 years old (16-17, with parental consent), and weighs at least 110 pounds is eligible to donate blood. You can donate blood at one of our centers or at one of the blood drives we run throughout your community.

Make an appointment to donate blood today.

To Thank You...

At every blood donation, you receive:

  • Free, routine checks of your temperature, pulse, blood pressure and total cholesterol and iron levels. You can track this useful health information online, from one donation to the next, using our confidential website.
  • Points toward special gifts like movie tickets, gift cards and ice cream. Find out more about our Hero Rewards program. 
  • Sincere appreciation from patients and the people who love them. They will call you their hero.