The Donation Experience

Donating blood is safe, it’s simple, and it saves lives. Most donors find it a painless and heartwarming experience.

Every blood donation begins with donor registration. This is followed by an interview and a brief medical exam where we’ll check your temperature, blood pressure, pulse and blood hemoglobin level. To speed up this process, complete the Fast Track Health History online the day of your appointment and bring it to your donation appointment. If everything checks out after your interview and physical, you are ready to donate.

Lifeblood uses special blood collection technology and tools to customize the donation process for each donor and to best match donations to community needs. Depending on where you donate and patients’ needs, you may be invited to make a whole blood donation, a double red cell donation (sometimes called a Power Red donation), or a platelet or plasma pheresis donation. Depending on the type of system used, your donation time will vary.

Now you’re ready to donate! The technician will gather your special kit with your donation materials in it. You will relax in a comfortable chair while the technician collects your blood donation into a special container. All materials used during the donation process are sterile and are used only once and then properly disposed. You cannot contract any infectious disease by donating blood.

After your donation we ask that you rest and enjoy refreshments. We recommend that you spend at least 15 minutes in our refreshment area to have a snack and drink plenty of fluids. Then you can resume your normal routine. Take time now to make donating blood a habit.