Blood Facts

You can save lives, one pint at a time.

It’s a fact: 90% of us will need blood before age 70, but less than 10% of the general population actually donates blood.

As the second largest medical center per capita in the United States, the need for blood in the Mid-South is pressing and constant. Our donors provide 60% of the blood used by patients; the remaining 40% must be purchased by from other blood centers across the country. Thus only with help from area businesses, houses of worship, government groups, civic organizations and concerned individuals can we achieve a self-sufficient blood supply for our region.

Who’s your type?

Asian culture believes that a person’s blood type is related to their personality characteristics. We’re not so sure about that, but it is fun to know who shares your blood type.*

*Blood types as reported in multiple public forums, no direct confirmation of blood types has been made.

Fast Facts about Blood• There is no substitute for blood.
• Every three minutes, someone needs a life-sustaining blood transfusion.
• Every eight minutes, someone gives blood.
• One in ten people who enter a hospital will need blood.
• Less than half the population is eligible to give blood.
• Red blood cells have a shelf life of only 42 days (six weeks).
• Victims of car accidents can require up to 50 units of blood per hour until they stabilize.
• Sickle Cell patients require up to four units per month for life.
• Cancer treatments can require four or more units of blood.
• Brain surgery requires anywhere from two to 25 units.
• Hip replacement surgery calls for two to five units.

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